Ray of Heart Book 5 of Ray by E.L. Todd

Ray of Heart Book 5 of Ray by E.L. Todd
214 pages


I cannot believe he did this. I thought I knew Zeke from head to toe heart and soul but he did it. Now I don’t know how to go on like we were before. We swore that if anything happened we will remain friends. Trust was something I always wanted and fate has failed me. Ryker is the only one who knows how I feel and gives me something to ease this pain. He is my everything and it is like I don’t know Zeke at all. Ryker knows I am not at a good place right now but knowing he wants to comfort me only way he knows give me a little piece of my heart. Everybody tells me I need to forgive him but it is not so easy. Zeke is my everything and the way he hurt me is not something I ever want to go through ever again. Can I put all my heart on Zeke again?

I never meant to hurt her like this but Ryker has pushed me too far. Rae says she needs trust but in my book it should go both ways and lately it feels like I’m the one doing all the work. I know she is my heart and soul but after years of dreaming, fantasizing I still feel like she is not all mine. Everybody tells me I should move on but she is my ray of light. She is the one who I want to see and wake up to every day. I have always been her best friend but now I want to be the man she can come and love to the one who makes her happier than ever. Can I prove to her that my love for is real and not just lust like with Ryker?

Oh my god I so fell for this series and didn’t want it to end. Zeke have to say yes messed up but he had a good reason. Rae just have to say almost made me want to kick her in the butt for making Zeke go through all this. E.L. Todd created such an awesome series filled with passion, friendship and the hope of getting what your heart has been looking for. Zeke was always my favorite and Rae was a treat to read about loved all her friends even her crazy brother, Rex. Cannot wait to see what is next for E.L. Todd.


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