Ray of Time Book 4 of Ray by E.L. Todd

Ray of Time Book 4 of Ray by E.L. Todd
207 pages
4 1/2 moons

I am happy finally at last. I thought I found love with Ryker but Zeke is showing me so much more than love. With him I can be the real me and not pretend to be the fun girl all the time. Everybody says it’s about time but the more happy I am it feels like maybe were just in our own bubble. Everyday with Zeke is like a new day towards forever and it scares me. Just when I think we can have more Ryker comes back confusing me. The love I have for Zeke is strong but there is something about Ryker that still needs to be answered. Don`t get me wrong Zeke is my man but I need to know what went wrong with Ryker. I trust Zeke in what he does in his life and want the trust to go both ways. How can I prove to Zeke that I want him more than Ryker?

I love Rae and have so much happier than ever being with her. For years she has been the one for me and everybody else, even Rochelle, never compared to her. I know she is mine forever but Ryker is confusing her. I know the heartache she went through with that scumbag and everyday I am proving to her I am a forever kind of guy. She is my heart and soul my reason for living is all because of her. So though I am not the usual jealous guy there is just so much of Ryker I can handle being around her. I trust her with all my heart but it is Ryker I don`t trust with my woman. Can I be there when she really needs me?

I have to say I love Zeke he is like everything Rae needs in her life. These two complete in a way that she never had with Ryker. Don`t get me wrong Ryker was hot but only in a sexual way whereas Zeke is ten times hotter than ever. It is not just the passion that ties them but the strong connection they have towards each other. I love that it is friendship that makes their relationship strong but that Zeke is a real man with so much feelings towards Rae it might break or give them forever. Cannot wait for Book 5 and see what Rae will do next towards Zeke and Ryker. Who will she choose and who will in the end?


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