River’s Edge Box Set by Lacey Black

River’s Edge Box Set by Lacey Black
1716 pages


Trust Me ~5 moons~
I have known her all my life and somehow the annoying bratty sister I knew has become into a beautiful, sexy woman. Not just any woman but my best friend Jake`s sister, Avery. Friendship and the Stevens family has always been important to me and now I am scared. Avery is bringing out all these feelings I have had hidden and now I want her as my woman. Can I take the risk she will love me back and end my friendship with my best friend? He confuses me and gets me all hot and bothered. Everybody see’s me as the young Stevens child left with a little baby. I love my little Brooklyn and have been burned by love. Yet the feelings I have for Maddox is unlike anything I have felt before. Can I risk our life for a man like Maddox? Love doesn’t come easily for us and my family is everything for us but the woman in me wants to be more than just a mother but be desired and wanted by a man especially one like Maddox.

Omg this is the first in a series I know I am going to love. Lacey Black just shines in this book about the Steven’s family starting with Avery. For years she has loved her brother Jake’s best friend, Maddox. I loved that no matter how much they try to hide it you can tell the love is pure, passionate and one they cannot hide no more. Maddox is a man that not only scares her but thrills her as well that a man like him can love her and little Brooklyn aka Bean. Here is a guy who is not scared of taking on a woman like Avery but wanting to be father to her little girl was the sweetest thing I ever read. This is not just the usual I gotta have you kind of love but the I need you to survive kind of love that touches your soul. Loved it and cannot wait for the next one about Jake in this series.

Fight Me ~5 moons~
He doesn’t remember me and I don’t blame him. I wasn’t in River’s Edge that long but the time I was there he teased me. Back in high school Jake Stevens was a wild and playboy guy and seeing him again makes me know nothing has changed. Somehow though he is fixated on me again and this time the adult me wants him. My name is Erin and once again I am having a crush on and old crush, Jake Stevens. The teenage girl in me wants his attention and be the woman of the month yet the older me is cautious. Love is not something I can go easily on for I want what the romance books show. I want the man to be crazy for me and if he kisses so hot like Jake well that is the cherry on top of my treat. The problem is I am not sure how to handle Jake right now and his family makes me want to belong with them more than ever. I cannot believe the Erin I knew has grown up to be a sexy librarian. I know I was stupid in school when I teased her but she was the first girl to not fall easily on my charms. Seeing her again makes me want her more than ever but love is not something seems real to me. Yeah my parents are still in love and my little sister has found it with my best friend but it is not something for me. At least I thought so until Erin came back. Can I be the man for her to give her the love she hasn’t had in her life?

Finally the man who has never had lack of women is finally getting kicked in the butt by the one that got away. I loved that Lacey Black created a woman for Jake who will not fall easily to his sexy charms like I did lol. Erin is the strongest, independent and fearless girl unless it is to her heart. Jake is the one that she has never forgotten and boy seeing them together makes them see the attraction between them never disappeared only grew stronger. The spark they have for one another is unlike Jake has felt before and in so many ways it thrills and scares him. This is one Steven’s brother that is going to go through so many jumps to get the love he thought he wasn’t looking for and boy it is a wild ride for him. Loved it.

Expect Me ~5 moons~
I had only one night with her. One night of amazing sex and a passion I never knew before. That is all I had with her and now she is back in my life in a way I never expected. Though it is a huge surprise seeing Josslyn makes me realize that she is the one for me. Even though we had one night this is what is bringing us closer and I want to prove to them I can provide in every way. Everybody says I am committed to my work and it might be true but my dream home is something that I need to make into a reality now more than ever. Problem is that I don’t know how to have both without quitting on the other. The one night is all I had with Travis Stevens and boy did it totally blew me away. Seeing him again is making me see that the chemistry we had that night never disappeared. I never expected to see him again but fate has a way of interfering and now I want more of him. I know he is a dedicated worker but this house is turning out to be more of like the other woman taking him away from me. Can I be strong and be the woman that will be there for him in every way that counts?

Lacey Black finally shows us the quiet Stevens son in a way that is so unlike him. From the previous books he is shy and dedicated to his work but when the right woman comes along it will turn his life upside down. Lacey Black created such an awesome night for him that even now months later he is still in love not just lust this time. Loved it between Josslyn and him making him see that what he has really been searching for in life is actually Josslyn. Loved it.

Promise Me: A Novella ~5 moons~
Some people might say I am horny and it might be the case but actually I am jealous. My best friend has found love and it is making me want the same thing. Problem is that all the men I have dated don’t seem like the committed kind not like Avery’s Maddox. I want what they have and yet I feel my time is coming to an end. Everything changed though one night when we go to a Bent concert and now my life is not the same anymore. Somehow people are wanting to know about me and all I want is more of Jase Bentley’s kisses. We are totally opposite of each other but somehow he is interested in me. I am tired of this life. I missed the good ole days where I can be with a woman and the dang paparazzi didn’t know my every move. Being with Holly is making me want to be just your average Joe guy and be the guy she has been searching for all her life. The chemistry I have with her is unlike any I have known and it makes me want more of her. Can I be the man to give her all the love she dreams and desires? O will I be like all musicians and fail at having a normal life?

Okay I have to say Lacey Black is one talented and imaginative author for even making this short novella a hit for me. Right away from Avery’s story I wanted to know more about Holly. She is like the other sister the Steven’s brothers never had and love how they all rally around her when unwanted people start ganging up on her. The paparazzi are bad but then again Jase Bentley is not the usual men she would date and this makes their relationship so fun to read about. Lacey Black still packed it with  passion but the sweet kind that will make you swoon for even a hot, sexy musician like Jase.

Protect Me ~5 moons~
I love my life and job but lately something is making me wonder about the what if’s. Seeing Avery, Jake, Maddox and now my little brother, Travis find their other halves is making me itchy. It is an itch that no girl can fix even though a night of sex sounds good about right now. Seeing them happy makes me wonder if the girl that got away from me years ago actually did marry me. I know being a firefighter is dangerous but I want someone to stick by me. Meeting Lia Walker though is bringing out all the over protectiveness in me something that hasn’t happened in a long time. She is strong, independent but I want her for me forever. She is hiding something and I am going to find out why there is fear in her eyes. Love is not something comes easily for me and she is the one that is making me feel this again. He is strong, sexy and makes me loose my mind. Nate Stevens is a man you don’t ignore no matter how hard you try. Coming to River’s Edge was an impulse thing for me to move but somehow this little town makes me feel safe again. Nobody can know why I am here but Nate is making me want to tell all my secrets. I have always looked out for me and being with Nate I just want to break down. He is making me feel love and thought it is dangerous for me to feel it too I want more than eve to be with him. Can I escape my past for good?

Oh boy Lacey Black totally has flipped over Nate Stevens in a way he never expected. Here is a man who protects others going into fires living dangerously every day yet when it comes to Lia he has no idea what to do. For the first time he is helpless and though he is there for her Lia pushes him back. The attraction they have is unlike one he has felt for in years. The last time he ever loved someone it destroyed him and being so in love with Lia scares him. This Stevens brother has no idea what is coming to him and loved seeing a sexy man like him fall to his knees.

Boss Me ~5 moons~
I know what they call me, Cruella, it doesn’t mean anything though to me. I didn’t come to River’s Edge to make friends least of all to fall in love. My ex taught me that love doesn’t really exist and the only thing that really loves me is my son, Zach. He is everything to me and I have no time for any kind of relationships. Will Stevens is one man who is making me rethink of being Cruella. William like I call him is one hot sex on a stick guy that makes me want to be naughty and do oh so delicious things with him in my hospital office. We have to be professionals though but it is so hard when he starts paying attention to my little boy. For the first time Zach is being like a normal boy and seeing him interact with William makes my heart all gooey. Can I have it all a man to love me and maybe finally Zach having a real dad in his life? Everybody calls her Cruella for she is so bossy, strict, cold-hearted but oh so sexy to me. One kiss is all it takes to make me see the real boss, Carmen Brady. She is unlike what I thought she was like and her little boy just got to me right away. I see a little bit of me in Zack and makes me want to be there for this little dude. One thing though separates us and though I have always worked in the hospital love is something I know doesn’t come around twice. She is the one for me through thick and thin. Can I convince her we belong together?

Okay Lacey Black is one clever woman for leaving the best to the last of the Steven’s clan. We finally get to read about Will and have to say once again it was awesome seeing everybody come together. Will is unlike any of his siblings for he is all about work and committed to one thing work. I loved that one minute he is dominant, bossy and the next with the right woman he is well flustered. Carmen not only confuses him but also makes him think about other things beside work. There is so much passion between them it is easy to see why they complete each other easily. She is definitely no Cruella and boy the attraction she has for Will scares her yet she is ready for a love unlike she has known before. Loved it.

Trust Us: A Christmas Novella ~5 moons~
Finally we see what has been up to with Maddox and Avery. I love that throughout all the Stevens brothers stories we see pieces of their life. This one just shows us how strong their loves has grown since we last read about them. Lacey Black shows us that no matter how many years have past the love they have is one unlike any they have experienced in their lives. I loved that even though they are a family now their passion for one another hasn’t slowed one bit. This was a real treat to see what happens when Avery who just had a baby has to learn to trust others in her children. Maddox sexy as ever and this one shows how much he is so in love with his family. Loved it and hope there is more of this family. Taking Avery away to a spur of the moment vacation just proves how in love Maddox is with Avery and boy the sex hotter than ever between them.

Trust You: A Brooklyn Short Story ~5 moons~
I love my family but once in a while I want to make my own decisions and mistakes. Having my uncles watch over me is great but my dad, Maddox, well it is just too much. Ever since he became my stepfather he has proven 100 times over what a wonderful father he is and so real as a father compared to my real douchebag of a father. I am a stage where I am about to begin my life go to college and leave my family and going to prom is a big milestone. I know my mother and aunts trust me but my father well he might be a tough big ass cop on the outside but in the inside he is a huge teddy bear. Can he let me go just one night to find myself and well just have fun? My little girl is all grown up and though she is not mine biologically she is my daughter. Seeing her grow up to be as beautiful as her mothers scares me. I knew this day will come, prom. My brothers-in-law say I need to watch over her but I know the time has come for me to let her spread her wings. The thing is I am scared for I remember my prom and what happens after it. Avery says to trust our little Brooklyn but she will always be the cute little girl called Bean that captured my heart. Can I just stand and watch my little girl grown up before my eyes?

Oh my GOD I loved this whole series by Lacey Black all the way to the end. There were so many tears, laughter and oh know feelings all the way I didn’t know where I was going to end up. Have to say though through all the books my favorite was Avery and Maddox from the beginning. It is their love and passion that set everything in motion in this family. Through it all we even see Brooklyn aka Bean grow up and boy actually feel sorry with so many bossy uncles even Will the quiet one. Lacey Black created such a beautiful family saga I didn’t want to end at all and loved in the end we see this family through the matriarch of the family, Grandma Elizabeth. I’m hoping we see maybe a new generation of the Steven’s for this is one series that I want more of from Lacey Black. Loved it.


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