Say I’m Yours by Corinne Michaels

Say I’m Yours by Corinne Michaels


Some people say I am stupid and silly for thinking Trent Hennington will finally make an honest woman out of me. I have loved him since we were kids and I am tired. It is like a seesaw I am in going up and down never moving forward with Trent. All of my friends have someone to love and have their own happiness making me wonder if my day will ever come. Just when I am ready to move on Trent pushes finally. The thing is that there is someone who really wants me, Cooper Townsend. By all counts he is the one I should be going after but my heart wants Trent. I never realized how much Cooper loves me and my heart is confused as heck now. One man has given me so much but not the one thing I want his heart. The other is wanting to give me all I ever dreamed of but it is my heart that wants another. Am I being silly to think that a man like Trent Hennington will finally give me his whole heart and everything in him to make me happy?

I am stupid and I know everybody thinks so including my family. I never thought my best friend, Cooper will go after my girl. Everybody knows Grace Rooney is and always will be mine. This nonsense of hers thinking I don’t love her is crazy and now she wants out. She has always been mine since I pulled her pigtails and the thought of her not in my life is not possible. Just when I think I can make her see we belong together I am stabbed in the back. I never knew Cooper had the same feelings for Grace and now the thought that he might win her is not sitting well with me. I didn’t think nothing can get worse than my heart breaking but my family is changing as well. The one person I looked up to and wanted to be like is giving up on everything I wanted in life. How can I love the woman I love with all my heart when I am not sure I can give all my heart to the woman of my soul?

I am loving Bell Buckle County by Corinne Michaels and the Hennington men. I thought Wyatt was my favorite but there is just something about Trent that will make you just swoon all the way. I have to say Grace Rooney is one strong and patient woman for being so in love with a man like Trent. He is the strong and some times serious man but commitment is not a word that goes with a man like Trent. Corinne Michaels teased us with so much passion between these two but Grace is like all of and wants the same thing her friends have a man who loves her maybe a family of her own. I loved Trent but wanted a little bit more of Cooper and hope the next one by Corinne Michaels is about him for even a man like him deserves a little happiness of his own. I loved this series and following Corinne Michaels not only does she has such a wicked devious imagination teasing her readers with men like her but making us want more of them. Cannot wait for more by Corinne Michaels what she has in store for readers.


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