Take Me Back by Meghan March

Take Me Back by Meghan March


I am known to get things done but marriage is not something I have no control. I never saw myself married but when I met Kat being with her seemed right. She is a mystery to me and each day in that island was never going to be enough so I made her mine. Everybody says we are crazy for jumping the gun but a day without her was not in question. Now I am at point where I am questioning what happened. We used to be happy and in love with no holes barred. Now it seems like I am married to a stranger one who is still sexy as hell but cold to me. Our love is crazy, strange, fun and I am determined to get back to what brought us together.

One thing about having friends that love you is they see things we don`t see. When I met Dane it was just us and nobody else. We were in our own little island filled with days and nights of passion, kisses and endless words of love. Being with him made me feels that all can be all right as long as I had him. I know there are things about him I don`t know and vice versa but were in our own world. I miss my Dane the man I fell for and I know he`s there somewhere. Can we be what we were before life popped into our lives?

One thing I love about Meghan March is she can make any situation enchanting, beautiful and memorable no matter how much we think is useless. We have two people who have a crazy kind of love nobody understands only them wondering how it disappeared. Life somehow makes them see that they are strangers in a sense that they skipped straight to love. The passion they have is unique and one that Kat has never experienced before which makes this story beautiful. Meghan March shows us that with trust, love and acceptance anything is possible. Dane and Kat are hot together and the patience this man has is one that makes you know Meghan March will not disappoint her readers. Loved it.


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