The Hard Truth About Sunshine by Sawyer Bennett

The Hard Truth About Sunshine by Sawyer Bennett

348 pages
Ebook and Print


What do you do when you get stuck with 3 people you never imagined associating with in your life? You have The Goth Girl aka Barb, The Dead Kid aka Connor and the most annoying miss perfect sunshine girl, Jillian making my life like hell. I never wanted to be in this situation but somehow these three people are making me feel things I don`t ever want to feel again. I am tired of people wanting to know how I feel and others thanking me for my service. They have no idea that I rather be dead then feel like half a man. I used to be Christopher Barlow the man who can do a lot of things and now I am broken. I was close to welcoming Death and now I am stuck trying to make things right for someone yet inside I want to die. I have no idea how Jill can see the bright side when each day is just a day closer before reality sinks in. There is no sunshine, no happily ever after we all know that except her.

My name is Christopher Barlow and I am the asshole of the group. I have seen and done things and know we are dying. What is the point of seeing the good when our days are numbered. Is it wrong for me to see the reality of life instead of sunshine, magic and happiness like Jill? This is the hard truth of life there is no happiness but the hard truth that life doesn`t always go as planned at least not like I thought it would be like.

First of I have to applaud Sawyer Bennett for not only getting away from the sexy romances she does but dealing something we don`t think about often in this life. We have a young man who in all counts had everything going for him but life stepped in changing everything for him. Then we have 3 people who are going through things that well make his shit seem paltry. Some readers might find this book hard to read but have to say this is what makes you see an author differently. What I liked about this is that I wouldn`t classify it as a romance but a story of realizations and second chances at life. We see life through rose colored glasses and Sawyer Bennett shows us that our lives are not always easy through these 3 people. Connor, Jillian and Barb are not just characters in a book but we see a friendship they never expected to happen. Sawyer Bennett thank you for taking a chance on a story that is outside what you usually write and showed us that life is not all just sunshine but of knowing how we want to really live.


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