The Lonely Girl (Lonely Girl Series) by Gracie Wilson

The Lonely Girl (Lonely Girl Series) by Gracie Wilson
244 pages
4 moons

I never wanted to become this kind of girl. I used to be funny, out going and most of all in love. I had everything girl like me would ever want. Everything changed that one night and all I thought was true has become a lie. My brother, Alec, says I will be who I used to be again but I am not sure anymore. Going to the same school as my brother seemed like a great idea in the beginning but now it is making me see that I made a mistake. Meeting his friends, Keegan and Jake is making me see that my life will never be the same like it used to be. With Keegan he is making me feel like I was Michael which scares me. My best friend Michael was all I had and being with Keegan it feels like a friendship that is new yet seems just right. Then I have Jake who is a real good friend but I feel like there might be more. Now the lonely girl I have become now has two guys who is tearing me apart. With Keegan I feel safe, cherished and loved then with Jake I feel fun, normal and not stuck in the past. Two men who are making me see there can be a different side of me. Everybody knows me as the lonely girl but I am tired of being like this and want more. Can I have everything I used to have and be much more than just the lonely girl?

This is the first I have read by Gracie Wilson and boy I didn’t expect this at all. There were some things that seemed left unanswered but in a way Gracie Wilson did this beautiful to entice us more into her story. There were times I was confused considering Keegan and Jake were always in Becca’s every move couldn’t decide who I loved more. Keegan just seemed to sweet and nice and through everything felt like he was hiding something from her. Now Jake is one of those friends that doesn’t hide anything except in this book his feelings towards her seemed to hard to believe. All in all Gracie Wilson did a good job in showing us that no matter what we are going through friendship is the main thing and of course that one true love.

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