The Moonlight Serenade (Dare Valley Book 11) by Ava Miles

The Moonlight Serenade (Dare Valley Book 11) by Ava Miles
87 pages
4 1/2 moons

I am the luckiest man on earth right now and I wouldn’t change it at all. I thought winning a poker game or being named King of Poker was the glory I needed but Abbie Maven changed everything. Not only she made me see that winning is not all there is but being with her is like winning a full house everyday. Every time her brother Mac talked about her I fell for her more. The saying of love at first sight is true meaning with us. I knew right away she was all lady from head to toe and I knew a man like me didn’t have a chance. Fate though loves me and Mama always said patience is the key when the right woman comes along. Everything in me wanted to corrupt this classy lady for just being with her is making me a better man one that secretly I wanted to be for a long time.

He is terrible and yet he is making me feel things I have never felt before in my life. I am a mother and the feelings Rhett Butler Blaylock has growing in me scares me though. Motherhood is all I know and being with him is making me want more of his kisses and fun loving. For years my life has always been about my son, Dustin and being with Rhett makes me want to be in his world. Everything in me says be careful but a man like Rhett screams fun, wildness and most of all passion. Mac, my brother, loves him and Dustin is already in his heart which makes me wonder why I am nervous.

Dare Valley is a town that brings happiness, passion and a love nobody expects happening. Ava Miles brings us to the point where wild, bad boy Rhett Butler Blaylock realizes poker is not all there is. The love they have is unique and a rare treat that Ava Miles brings us. Through her other Dare Valley books we saw glimpses of them until now. I loved that this funny and adventurous man is not afraid to let go and really be happy. The love he has for Abbie is sweet, cute and love the old fashioned way they come together. Once again Ava Miles brings this enchanting series to light and so can see this series into a tv show making me want more of Dare Valley. Loved it.


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