The Trouble With Bachelors (Windy City Bachelors Book 1) by Caitlyn Blue

The Trouble With Bachelors (Windy City Bachelors Book 1) by Caitlyn Blue
187 pages
4 moons

I still don`t understand how Zach at one time used to be my friend and my sisters one and only now  stranger. Seems like years ago and seeing him all over again at my sisters wedding just seems surreal. He was everything that I was jealous about when it came to my sister. He made her smile, laugh and I secretly wanted him from behind the scenes. Now he is a man with a different woman with him which just annoys me. Gone is the funny guy and crush I had now I don`t know who he is. It is because of my sister I am with him right now as a friend but the little girl in me still wants the crush she can never have. Being close to him right now is wreaking havoc in my hormones and I know it is bad but I want to experience what other woman have had with him. I know a girl like me never gets the love of her life but a little fling doesn`t hurt anybody. As the celebrations comes near my time with Zach is almost ending but my heart has gotten in the way. Can the little girl in me get her happily ever after?

The Emma Callahan I knew never used to be like this all bubbly and impulsive. She used to be safe and dreaming of white picket fences, 2.5 kids and the perfect husband. Me however just want one thing and that is to know how her kisses taste like. For years I crushed after her even though I was committed to someone else. I know what I did in the past makes her weary of me but I had good reason for it. Only one woman came in my mind of being forever and now that I am ready for it my bachelor ways is biting me in the ass. I know I haven`t led a good angelic reputation but for Emma I will do anything to have her. As the old clichés of best man and maid of honor goes I want to mean more than just the cliché I want a forever. Nobody believes me that I am ready to let go of my bachelor ways and seeing Emma not have faith in me is too much. My name is Zach Thorne and I am ready for a one woman relationship worth of many years.

The first book in Caitlyn Blue`s Windy City Bachelors, The Trouble with Bachelors is starting of epic. We have Zach Thorne who by far seems like your regular bachelor all in his own ways then we have Emma Callahan who has been burned before by men like him. Two people who were once friends but life isn`t easy for them. Zach thought he wanted someone but his heart knew right away it belongs to another woman and the dynamics of this just makes the cliché best man and maid of honor hilarious. It`s the usual wedding scenario but Caitlyn Blue puts a twist between these two that makes them see all is not as it seems in their history together. As the first one in the series have to say this one was treat to start and cannot wait for what else is in store in this series. Don`t let the celebration fool you for there is much more that meets the eye in this enchanting series.

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