Where Goods Girls Go to Die by Holly Renee

Where Goods Girls Go to Die by Holly Renee

340 pages


She is forbidden to me and yet I cannot stay away from her. All those years she was my best friend, Mason’s little sister and now she is going to give me heart attack. Gone is the annoying little sister and now is a beautiful, sexy woman that is making me rethink about marriage. I had it all planned and was going to be happy. At least that was the plan until she danced her way into my life again. I never knew why she left all those years ago but now she is in my life and hopefully for good. Olivia or Livvy to me is so opposite from my fiancée and it scares me. All these feelings I had for her thought was gone but one impulsive kiss from her and I’m craving for more from Livvy. Though we have been separated the chemistry is stronger than ever and now I have to choose. Years ago she was forbidden and our love was more than just passion it was like our souls found each other. Can I convince her that she is and always will be the one woman for me?

He is getting married and all the feelings I had for him are back again. I know it is wrong to feel this for him since he is marrying but he was my everything. Nobody knew about our love and if my brother had found it the friendship would have been gone. A day without my Parker was heartbreaking but years separated from him was just too much for me. He always had women around him but knowing he was more than just a friend for me felt right in a way it was hard to explain. Now working with him everyday and being so near to him is making all these feelings towards him skyrocket. He is getting married and I have to stay away even if it means my heart and soul shattering again. Being with him I know I can never be the same good girl I always have been for he makes me want to be bad, naughty and good lord desired only way he can show me.

This is the first I have read by Holly Renee and have to say it won’t be the last. So much attraction and chemistry between these two it is easy to see they have never stopped loving each other. Parker is unlike the men Livvy has known for on the outside he is bad, covered with tattoos but in the inside is a man who loves her so deep she has no idea how to stay away from him. The attraction between them is hot and seeing the flashbacks between them makes you understand why it is hard for Parker right now. Feel sorry for him for what he has too choose but come on Livvy is one woman he can never forget. Holly Renee shined in this book and man cannot wait for more from this talented author.


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