Airman to the Rescue (Heroes of Fortune Valley) by Heatherly Bell

Airman to the Rescue (Heroes of Fortune Valley) by Heatherly Bell
384 pages
Ebook and Print
4 moons

Heathery Bell is back in bringing us to Fortune Valley where the men are still hotter than ever. In this one we have Matt Conner who by all counts is the sexiest pilot I have ever seen. We have Sarah Mcallister who has one thing to do and that is to renovate her late father’s house, make a profit and get back to the life she knows. Problem is she didn’t expect to find out so much about what her father hid from her. Each day she is getting to know more about herself and her father just confuses her. Having Matt help her was not part of the plan but ever since she has come back they have been playing like a cat and mouse game. He is everything she would go for but Matt has his own baggage of issues he needs to deal with. Heatherly Bell did a beautiful job in one man trying to be what he never had a chance to be and a woman who is trying to make sense of her life. This is another Fortune Valley book you don’t want to pass up, loved it.


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