Caught Looking by Jody Holford

Caught Looking by Jody Holford
307 pages
4 moons

This is the first I have read by Jody Holford and boy there was so much emotions going through in this book. I fell for Ryan Walker for here is a guy who has loved only one thing, baseball and now it might all be over because of bad choices he made. Then we have young Frankie Vaughn who for the first time is actually living a life of her own. Two people who are opposite of each other yet are searching for the same thing, a life. Then we have three kids who just like Frankie and Ryan just want to be together no matter what happens. Jody Holford blew me away with how fun this story was between Frankie and Ryan the way they keep denying the attraction. Frankie was hilarious in her take charge attitude no needing a man to depend on just loved it. Jody Holford had a way with each character that made them special from the kids denying they want a family, Ryan to not sure what his life will be like now and then Frankie wanting to take over the world on her own. All in all it was a great book and will be on the lookout for more by Jody Holford.

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