GABE (Silicon Valley Billionaires Book 2) by Leigh James

GABE (Silicon Valley Billionaires Book 2) by Leigh James
4 1/2 moons

Lauren Lauren let me count the ways you ignite me and make me want to spank you. I know she is stubborn and determined to fight Li’Na no matter what it takes. The thing is that I am here now to help and determined to see she is in my life forever. I knew that Li’Na will not step down easily and were not done with her. I love my Lauren not just for her smartness but the beauty she has in her. As a CEO like her I know how important one’s business is and Paragon is more than just a company to her, it is her baby. No matter what we do Li’Na is one step ahead of us and I hate seeing Lauren like this all upset, heartbreaking and most of all lost. She says she can handle anything but knowing that Hannah is out there alone, being hurt and most of all away from here is too much for my woman. I am known in the world as ruthless, somewhat of a thug but when it comes to the ones I love everything is out the door of who I am.

The second part of Leigh James, Paragon Series, is one rollercoaster of action, betrayal and of course Gabe. Leigh James is one clever author for making us think we were done with Li’Na is one villain that won’t go away. I loved that no matter how ruthless Li’Na is Lauren doesn’t back down running to Gabe. Now this is where it gets tricky because Gabe wants to be there for Lauren and she fights him in every turn. The chemistry between them is strong and have to say kudos for Leigh James showing us how strong Lauren really is in the book. I for one cannot wait for Hannah and Wes’s story in the book of this series for readers want to know what will stop Li’Na. Loved it.



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