Gladiator by E.L Todd

Gladiator by E.L Todd
192 pages
4 moons

I have led a quiet life living like any 22 year old until I met Wilder. We met like every other cliché in a bar and now my life is not the same. I knew right away he was trouble with a capital “T” and I want more of him. Everything in my gut told me to stay away but one kiss from him and I am trapped in his spell. I really thought trouble was just him but being kidnapped I am finding more about him that is making me want to run. He tells me the life I was living was not all true but lies makes me want to find out what he knows. Being with Wilder is bringing out all these feelings I have had hidden and now I am going crazy. Being in a world away from what I knew and with him is making me want to fight harder to break free. Can I survive a life with him or will he kill all the goodness in me?

E.L. Todd has us again in her spell and this time it is a world we never expected for her to bring us into. We have Gray who is at a point in her life where she doesn’t know what is good or bad. Then we have the oh so sexy, troublemaker Wilder who is making her life go crazy. E.L. Todd created such a very bad boy for Gray that she has no idea how to really handle him. This is not your typical E.L. Todd story filled with her usual family saga but one of adventure, risks and oh yes full of temptation in every direction. Of course E.L. Todd does leave us wanting more and we wait to see how Gray will handle her new life and how Wilder will keep his heart intact. Loved it.


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