If We Fall by K.M. Scott

If We Fall by K.M. Scott
322 pages


Ryder and Serena, two people who K.M. Scott has literally put through many obstacles I am so happy at this final book. For years Serena has lived in fear because of her father, Robert Erickson. No matter how much her and Ryder dream of a happily ever after this one man does everything he can to tear them apart. One good thing I loved is they have little Cayden who by all counts is the most adorable baby in the book. We see a side of Ryder that he has hidden and seeing him like this, a husband a father is just wow to this reader. K.M. Scott pulled it all together in this book making this reader tear up, laugh, on the edge of my seat and most of all just rooting for Ryder for his chance at a normal life. This was a great series, we see two star-crossed lovers trying their hardest to be together go all the way through a tidal wave of destruction, betrayal and lies was just wow. This is definitely one of those series that will take you in every direction and want more of K.M. Scott brilliant imagination.


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