Joe Football by Autumn Sand

Joe Football by Autumn Sand


I hate football, the game, the excitement of it and how it takes over a person’s life. Football has always been in my life, like hello my father himself is football royalty. Everybody wants to be with my father and all I want is him to notice me. I swore football will not be in my life when I went to college but one particular Quarterback will not leave me alone. In some way though he is the only one who never stopped looking my way and though it pains me has gotten under my skin. Everybody loves Brice Walker, his games are off the charts and other players look up to him. The thing is Brice is everything I am trying to stay away from no matter how I love his kisses and good lord his body. There are many things I want to tell him but the thought of bringing up my real identity, why I detest this sport is too much. As football goes there is no way to get away from it and I have to do something I never expected to happen. Can falling for a Quarterback break me? Will it set me to a path of love instead of destruction?

She is my unicorn, the forbidden fruit and my weakness. My best friend, Egon, says I am crazy to be all into one woman. There are two things I love in my life and knowing that she is there with my favorite, football, well she is all I need in life. Everybody says I have no chance with her but the one kiss from her I know she is the one for me. Favor, just her name is not only special but being with her makes everything else right in the world. Football has always been the one thing I wanted in life, the possibility of making it to the Pros is something I dreamed of being in. Favor, however, knocks me out of breath just being with her is like a rush. I know she is hiding something from me and not sure why she hates football a lot but nothing will stop me from making her my woman forever. I mean really she is like getting a touchdown, the Heisman trophy and winning the Super Bowl all in one everyday in my life.

Okay not to sound like a fangirl but OH MY GOD this book had it all for me by Autumn Sand. Don’t get me wrong I’m not into football lol but Autumn Sand just converted me. I love that Brice is actually not a dumb jock but so much more that Favor is seeing in him. Now Favor is not your usual heroine and actually has a very good reason why she hates this sport. Let me tell you when you read this book and find out exactly why you will understand her hate for it. What I loved the most about it is how Autumn Sand pulls you into the book with comedy, betrayal, lies and forgiveness to the point you are surprised the book has ended. I wanted more of Brice, Favor but also of  Wayne and Egon who in some ways have their own stories which I hope will be told. One thing about this book is that it not just about sports, it is about one woman coming to terms with letting happiness and forgiveness back in her life and the sexiest, patient man to show her there is love on the other side. Loved it and Autumn Sand totally rocked this book with Favor and Brice.


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