Lethal Lies (Blood Brothers Book 2) by Rebecca Zanetti

Lethal Lies (Blood Brothers Book 2) by Rebecca Zanetti
417 pages
Ebook and Print


The Blood Brother’s are back by Rebecca Zanetti and boy you will not be disappointed. In the first book with Ryker, Heath is strong one and somewhat funny guy in the family. At least that is what Rebecca Zanetti wants us to think and boy he is so much more. Anya Best needs him and though he tries to stay detached from her his hearts want her. The attraction she feels for Heath is nothing Anya expected and it shocks her to the core. She has tried to be strong but knowing the Copper Killer knows her every move, step and agenda she has no idea who to really trust right now. Heath is one tough man yet when it comes to the love bug he has no idea what to do. Rebecca Zanetti has a series of super strong and unique brothers that will make you want more of them but also for them to come to terms with what they really are. Cannot wait to see what or how Rebecca Zanetti will do in book 3. So many questions about the Lost Brother’s, their past and will Doctor Madison do next? This is one series by Rebecca Zanetti you do not want to pass up.


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