Live Out Loud by Marie Meyer

Live Out Loud by Marie Meyer
Ebook and Print


Life can be beautiful and can sometimes be terrifying. All my life I had to be careful of who I let into my life like my parents, Chloe and even my dog. I never expected there will be space for a Rockstar like Thorin Kline. I knew right in the beginning this musician and well sex on a stick man was going to make me fall for him. I tried really hard to stay away from him but my heart and soul wanted him already. I know in some way he is like me living in fear and keeping his heart from feeling anything. At a young age I knew I had to guard myself and be the person I wanted to be not what my parents wanted in their eyes. Everybody goes through life seeing the beauty of life and hearing life but me I live a life of silence. That was my life until Thorin entered and made me see things differently now through his eyes. Being with him I can feel the love he has for me and the music he wants me to hear. I know being with Thorin my life will never be the same but then again living a life without him in it is more than just silence. He shows me a beauty I have never felt before and I want more of it.

My life is all screwed up and having Harper is a mistake. She is beauty, carefree and everything good that I don’t deserve right now. I have struggled to keep things safe for my mother and knowing the monster I might become and possibly hurt Harper is too much. She is making me feel things I have hidden so far in my heart and I cannot stop it no more. Knowing she cannot hear but read lips make her more than just special for me. I know deep down she is the one for me and yet I have to be strong to not ruin her. My music is going places and though I try to keep my life secret from her she wants more of me. Can I show my Harper that she is beautiful, sexy with just being herself and I don’t care if she can hear or talk? Can my love be enough for both us?

This is the first I have read by Marie Meyer and in one word WOW. This may be a romance but I think it is much more of one woman finding her real self and a man who just wants one chance at being normal. These two are complete opposite of each other yet their love is beyond unique. I loved that Marie Meyer shows us a woman who in some ways has a disability but for Harper she is just like any other woman. She doesn’t see herself with an illness just wants to be normal. She is independent, strong and when it comes to Thorin she is just like any girl in love. I loved that these two deny the attraction but love doesn’t stop for anybody. Thorin now is a man who just wants to make things right for his mom and falling for Harper is not something he expected. Marie Meyer just rocked this book and wanted more of it from these two. Definitely an author I am going to keep up with for this one just shows how talented she is. Loved it.

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