Lost Rider ( Book 1 of Coming Home) by Harper Sloan

Lost Rider ( Book 1 of Coming Home) by Harper Sloan
400 pages
Ebook and Print


I have to say I love Harper Sloan and her cowboys. This is the first in the Coming Home series and boy it started off great. We have Maverick Davis who by all counts is well pissed. He’s worked hard all these years to be something his father detested and now it is because of his father he is back home. Family was never important to him but his brother and sister keep reminding him that home is actually where the heart is. Which in some cases was true because it had one annoying person in his opinion, Leighton James, the girl he never has forgotten. These two in their own ways have a love that has been simmering all these years and Harper Sloan makes their love explosive to the point you think they hate each other. The romance between these two were great and in a way that Harper Sloan makes them memorable even the funny parts and this is just the first one in the series. Cannot wait for the 2nd one and see whose is next the other brother or the tomboy sister who is searching for that true love. Loved it.


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