Only with Me by Kelly Elliott

Only with Me by Kelly Elliott
305 pages


I never imagined something settling down. I love women, all kinds and they love me. Being Greek and in the SWAT teams is extra help but there is one person who is denying me. She is new to the town, shy and beautiful, definitely someone I am very interested in pursuing. My family is all Greek and this little Italian is not someone my mother will be agreeable to but I want her. My name is Nic Drivas and for the first time in my life I want what my brother’s have which just blows my mind. Of all the women I imagined being attracted to Gabi is not someone I am taking lightly and these feelings for her scares me. My path is set to find a nice, obedient Greek woman not a feisty, sexy and independent Italian with a secret of her own. My mother is definitely going to castrate me but I want Gabi.

For the first time in months I feel safe until I met one hot Greek guy. He’s everything I would go for if my life wasn’t in danger. I am just a woman trying to do her own thing running a little bakery and being with Nic is not on my plans to stay alive. Every time I try to stay away from him he is persistent in getting under my skin. I almost succeeded until he kissed me and showed me a passion I never encountered before in my life. Just when I thought I could have it all my past comes back to tear my life apart again. Can I be happy, in love and maybe a family of my own with Nic?

Were back to Colorado Springs and the Drivas family where Mama Drivas is determined to get a Greek daughter-in-law no matter what it takes. We have Gabi who 100% Italian and about to go onto a one on one with the whole Greek family of Nic. I loved that Nic, who is a womanizer is all flustered with Gabi around. The attraction they have starts as friendship and blooms into something wonderful they both didn’t expect happening. Kelly Elliott again brings Greek into your life filled with family, friendship, passion and sweet love to warm your heart. Loved it.


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