Out of the Ashes by R.C Boldt

Out of the Ashes by R.C Boldt
300 pages


For months I was in hell, not knowing if it will be the day I die or another day of torture. The nightmares still comes of being trapped in that place and nobody understands what happened. Living back in civilization is not easy and people want me to live. I try to be the person I used to be but they see me. Everybody tells me that I am a hero but I don’t see it. That is until I am sent to Dr. Presley Cole, doctor extraordinaire and supposedly the only one who can fix me. She is everything I would have tapped on if I was the old me but instead I am damaged, torn and definitely not a hero. In one word I am broken. I tried to stay away from Presley, keeping my emotions intact but somehow the doctor has gotten under my skin. Presley deserves much more than me but the chemistry between us is nothing I felt before and makes me want to be the man she really needs in her life. Escaping hell from terrorists was one thing but escaping my own hell of pain and trying to be strong for the woman who has captured my heart is actually harder than ever. Can I be the hero in Presley’s eyes?

My whole life has been controlled, rules and protocol noting has been up to me. I know that by marrying a good lawyer would make everybody happy except me. I thought I had it all until my next client comes into my office and now I want more. Being with Hendy is making me see that I never had a say in my life, career or the man to marry. He says he is not a hero, to me he is everything I have secretly dreamed of having the part of me that wants to be better. Being with Hendy makes me see that the life I have led is not the one I want and being with him is what makes my day better. It is my job to make him see that he can be who he used to be and so much more. The problem is that in order for him to look forward to the future I have to do something that will tear me apart. The saying, if you really love someone you must let them go to see if they feel the same way no matter how painful it might be. Can I let my hero go on with a life without me?

Oh my God I have always been a fan of soldiers and boy Hendy is one guy you are going to fall in love. R.C. Boldt has created such a beautiful, heart wrenching and just wow story of Hendy and Presley. Reading what Hendy went through being captive and then seeing him trying to adjust back into life was like having your eyes open for the first time. Here is a man who by all counts was the guy you went for a good time, have fun and just be impulsive. It was heartbreaking to see him think he is not the same man because of the torture he went through and having be with Presley you can almost see who he used to be. Now Presley is a woman who needs Hendy in her life for it makes her be who she is really supposed to be. The relationship they have together is what balances them out together and the passion that blooms is not just about love but about one soul finding another soul mate. R.C. Boldt just again WOWED me and am so grateful I had a chance to read this book. This is a book worth getting for you see R.C. Boldt’s talent and love for her characters. Loved it.


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