Penalty by Jacob Chance

Penalty by Jacob Chance
4 1/2 moons

Football is all I have wanted. Ever since I was a little boy and had my first football in my hands nothing else mattered. Going to college everybody told me I can make it big and hello, pussy everywhere. I am not the type to settle down, never believed in love changing a man. At least that’s what I thought until I met Harlow. My friends, Nick and Zeke, say when the right woman comes in I will be all crazy ignoring the other women. This has never happened before and now the one kiss I had with Harlow I want more. She is the first woman that has brought out these feelings in me which scares me. Being with her makes me want to be better which has never happened before. Instead of football all I can think about is Harlow, her kisses, her passion and just the feeling of being inside her is all I want. Fucking and football is all I know, being with Harlow though is more than just a fascination it is a dream I never imagined of actually hope of having. Can I prove to her that I am not the same womanize I used to be that I want more?

He is everything I need to stay away from considering he is this schools biggest manwhore. Guys like him don’t go for girls like me no matter how much I fantasize about it. Yet it is a surprise though that he is persistent and won’t leave me alone. One kiss from him though and it is making me someone I never expected to be. In love with a football player. I know love is not something a guy like him can commit to but a girl can dream. Being with him is making me see that you cannot judge a person without knowing them. Brady Lincoln is more than just a football player and it is scaring me how much I am leaning on to him. I don’t do parties, get drunk or mess around but then again I have never had a man like Brady making me see I can be much more. As college goes it is the time for me to be normal, have fun, nobody told me I will meet the man of my dreams. Can Brady be the one for me? Or is it all a joke for him to get me to be another notch on his bedpost?

Have to say I love reading about new authors and Jacob Chance is one you don’t want to miss. Penalty, has all you want in a romance of two people who are opposite from each other, yet in some way are looking for the same thing. We have a young Harlow, who the only person that loved her has passed and now she feels lost. Then we have Brady who by all counts is not the kind of man she needs but once he’s around the friendship they have is unique. Jacob Chance created a beautiful tale of a man who has many women say yes to him and then Harlow comes in an turns everything in his life upside down. The attraction between them is like a wolf and red riding hood with Brady hunting for Harlow giving no chance for her to escape. I loved that no matter how much he seems wrong for her we see a side of Brady nobody see’s which makes him vulnerable and hot. Jacob Chance is one author you don’t want to pass up and the best part you will fall for the men making you want more of them. Loved it and if the cover doesn’t get to you, Jacob Chance will enchant your with his storyline of a football player and his own personal cheerleader showing him love for the first time.


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