Real Dirty Duet Book 1: Real Dirty by Meghan March

Real Dirty Duet Book 1: Real Dirty by Meghan March


I love music and knowing that it is my voice hundreds of people are hearing just gives me a thrill each night I perform. Everything is going as planned with my music and now I just need Amber as my wife. Yet just like every song out there is heartache. I never expected this fame to go far and thought Amber would be the one for me. Now I have no idea what to do or who I want to be. Years ago I was normal, fun and now I sometimes don’t recognize myself. Money and music is what made me who I am but meeting the woman in the bar well life definitely has a way of kicking you in the butt. She is immune to my charms and my voice which just makes me want her more.

My name is Boone Thrasher and I am your country music cliché. Famous, on top and now brought down to a low place I never imagined seeing myself. I am a man who had everything but the woman in the bar is making me see music is not all there is in life. Can I be the country redneck turn superstar and get things right in life?

Okay have to say since I read Meghan March’s Real Good Man I was intrigued about Boone Thrasher. I loved that Meghan March shows us a proud man facing the most unexpected thing in his life he never though and well has no idea what to do now. Then we have a spitfire of a woman trying at all costs to keep him away. The sexual chemistry between them is hot and oh so sexy will make you want more. Meghan March has a way of bringing her characters to life and boy does Boone come to life. This is a great spin off to the Dirty series not just about Boone but seeing how he can overcome this part in his life. There is much more about Boone that he doesn’t let people see and boy it was awesome to see this side of him. Cannot wait for Part 2 and readers you got to get this by Meghan March and get ready for a ride of sex, passion and hello a hot country singer.


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