Real Sexy (Real Dirty Duet Book 2) by Meghan March

Real Sexy (Real Dirty Duet Book 2) by Meghan March
Ebook and Print


I am slowly getting past all her walls and now this happens. I am not known to be a man of violence but when it comes to lies about me well that is something I cannot just sit down. I finally have Ripley in my life and now because of her past everything might go up in smoke. Being with her is making me see what I had with Amber was fake. Ripley brings out a side of love I have never felt before and I want more of it. She is strong, independent yet I know she loves me. My mama always said the right woman will be the one who doesn’t care about my fame, money or what I can get her and that is all Ripley. She is the first one that doesn’t care how rich I am or what my name can do for her. It is because of this I know she can go far and what makes me love her more. The thing is that Ripley has never known love in her life and I for one want to give it to her forever. Can I show her that my love for her is real and not just another made up country song?

He likes me which is hard to believe. Girls like me don’t get the happily ever after especially from a hot country singer like Boone Thrasher. Every time I get away he is there and no matter how much I deny it I still want him. Boone is unlike any man I go for who just usually wants fun and this scares me. Seeing Boone with his family and knowing he wants me a part of it is mind blowing to me. I am strong, independent but when it comes to Boone he is knocking all my walls down making me weak. I am not this type of girl who needs someone to lean on to, then again I have never met a man like Boone. My name is Ripley and for the first time in my life I have no idea what to do besides bartending and with a hot, delicious man like Boone.

Oh my god the second part of Real Dirty Duet by Megan March is getting hotter than ever. Real Sexy shows us how close Boone and Ripley is getting towards each other and readers the sex is passionate than ever. The unique bond Boone feels for Ripley may sound the usual storyline but one thing about Meghan March is that she is an author of multiple talents. I love that Boone is a man who puts his heart out there no matter there might be a chance that his heat might be breaking again. Then we have Ripley who by all counts is one fascinating woman and vulnerable to love. Here is a girl who you want to root for till the end for all that she has gone through. These two are perfect for each other for one just wants to be loved and the other is looking for love that has been missing. Meghan March has done it again and you will not be disappointed with Boone and Ripley. Loved it.

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