Score by Victoria Denault

Score by Victoria Denault
368 pages
Ebook and Print
4 moons

She has lived in my city and this is the first time I have seen her. Zoey Quinlan is the one that got away and well I am the way I am. For years I have tried to forget about her but now all bets are off. My name is Jude Braddock the hottest hockey player on the rink, I know I’m over exaggerating but I am. All women want me and it is now the main reason I need Zoeys help. Unknown to people the revolving door of women is not something I imagined doing in my life. Yet after one kiss with Zoey and every other woman in my life is gone. Zoey is everything I missed having and man the passion between us that I felt years ago is still there but seems stronger right now. I know right now is not a good time considering she’s going through a divorce but I want her more than ever. Everybody tells me to not play around with her but this more than just sex. Can I prove to her that I am not the womanizer I was before? Can I prove to her that I am more than just a hockey player?

Jude Braddock the man I almost went all the way. The one man who can make me do stupid things like have sex at work. I was never this naughty especially with my husband but being with Jude he makes do all these things. He is sexier than ever but also a bachelor playboy. Hockey players like him only want one thing and that is to get into my pants. I know right now he is not what I need considering my ex-husband is being a douche with the divorce proceedings but man he is sexy as hell. Each day being with him is making me want what we could have had years ago. Can I trust this player with my heart?

Victoria Denault has a series that is going to make you a sports fanatic starting with the sexiest hockey player ever, Jude Braddock. Here is a guy who many people don’t really understand except the one that got away. Zoey is well like his kryptonite making him almost think of maybe being a one woman man. I loved that for the first time in years he has no idea what to do with a woman. Zoey makes him want to be better and also help her be the woman she is meant to be, his. Loved it and cannot wait for the next one by Victoria Denault.


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