So Wicked by Melissa Marino

So Wicked by Melissa Marino
336 pages
Ebook and Print
4 moons

Of all the places for me to end up seeing my ex-husbands best friend Chicago was it. I have lived in this place for a couple of years and not once our paths have crossed. Now Marshall Rawlins is all over the place and in my dreams. I know he hates me and wants me dead but I did the things in the past for a reason. Seeing him is bringing back all the memories I put behind. I expected him to give me trouble but never expected to start having feelings for him. Can I the baker find love at last with the my ex-husbands friend who hates me to the heart?

I hate her. I cannot believe how she would just up and leave my best friend. Yet fate must hate me right now for making her the best baker in Chicago. Her pastries are nothing I have tasted making me want more of them and the baker herself. My loyalty to my friend has always been strong but there is just something about Alexis. I never saw her like this before and now all I want to do is kiss her. Everybody expected me to be something and this is the time to show that I can be more than just a straight and narrow person. Being with Alexis is proving to be hard to keep our relationship a secret and I know it’s hard for her as well to tell me the real truth why she left us years ago. Can I trust her with my heart when she is known to run away?

Melissa Marino have to say shows us two people who hate each so much they cannot stay in the same room without the sexual chemistry exploding between them. Marshall never forgave Alexis or knew why she ran away from his best friend and now he’s in a dilemma. I love that no matter how much hate and distrust there is between these two the passion is sizzling with them. One minute they are yelling and the next watch out for it gets Mature Audience time. Melissa Marino knows how to tease us with betray, lies and hot loving to make you want more of her characters. So Wicked is just the perfect title for this book for Marshall can tempt any woman even one who swore not to put her heart on the line again.



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