Somehow, Some Way: A Billionaire Builders Novella by Jennifer Probst

Somehow, Some Way: A Billionaire Builders Novella by Jennifer Probst

120 pages


She is a pain in the ass and I want her. It has been months since she started working for my friends, the Pierce Brothers. I have tried to stay away from her but knowing that she is taking on a job all by herself is too much. On the outside she is petite, stubborn but in the inside she is all fire and stronger than me. I have not lived all this long to be taken by a smart aleck woman like her and I have plans to settle down to someone obedient and at my command. Yet no matter how much I try to stay on my goals Charlotte Grayson is all I want. Working by her side is torture because I want more than friendship with her. Everybody called it that she has gotten under my skin but it is more than just her body I want. Can I convince her and well myself that maybe some how, some way we are meant for each other?

He is a pain in the ass and I want him. Working with Pierce Brother’s Construction is the best thing that has happened to me and working with Brady is torture. He is everything I cannot abide and that is a man stuck well in another time zone. He wants a woman that obeys his every command and well the fierce, independent woman in me just wants to kick him in the butt. I tried to stay away from him but renovating a house by myself is a big thing and though I hate it I do need him. Working by his side I am seeing a Brady that is getting under my skin and some how, some way has gotten into my heart. Can I show him that what he has been searching for is actually in front of him all this time?

Jennifer Probst is back with another Billionaire Builder’s story that will make you finally see a side of Brady we haven’t seen. I loved how they bicker then when together watch out the fireworks. I loved how Jennifer Probst created such an old fashioned guy like Brady and a strong independent woman like Charlie. This is a great addition to the 1001 Dark Nights series and readers will want more of the Billionaire Builders series.


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