Suddenly Begins (The Dirty Texas Series 2.5) by JA Low

Suddenly Begins (The Dirty Texas Series 2.5) by JA Low
125 pages

She is mine forever, still cannot believe it. As a reader I still cannot believe how fantastic this series by J.A. Low has become. It started with Sebastian and now we see Christian married. Here is the sexiest, wild rockstar and finally he has the woman he has always loved. I loved seeing him and Vanessa together at last. Don’t let the 2.5 in the title fool you for J.A. Low packed this book with so much story to it I wanted more. What I love the most of J.A. Low and her Dirty Texas series is that it’s not just Christian and Nessa, we see everybody in this series and how far they have come along. It still amazes me how much Nessa has come with her health and finding out exactly what kind of man Christian is. One thing though readers this book is filled with raunchy, passionate and good lord needing ice buckets scenes when you this book. J.A. Low will not disappoint you in that department and her characters they’re so memorable you will want more and this series to never end.



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