The Mitus Touch by Stoni Alexander

The Mitus Touch by Stoni Alexander
347 pages
3 1/2 moons

Betrayals, lies and oh so much hot sex you wouldn’t have expected in this book. This is the first I have read by Stoni Alexander and it is a series that will make you want more of Mr. Colton Mitus. We have Brigit who is trying hard to be something she has dreamed of being but then we have Colton turning her life upside down. Colton is a billionaire and needs Brigit but in a way he has tried to not need her by closing his heart out all together. These two are like oil and water but when alone together the fireworks explode. Stoni Alexander has one thing going and that she knows betrayal every way making you wonder who is playing against who. This is the first book in the Touch series and you don’t want to miss out by Stoni.


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