The Playboy Bachelor (The Bachelors of Arizona) by Rachel Van Dyken

The Playboy Bachelor (The Bachelors of Arizona) by Rachel Van Dyken
264 pages
Ebook and Print


For years he was my best friend. I never thought he would abandon me like he did. Seeing him again is making me feel what I felt for him all those years ago. Bently Wellington was my best friend, the one I confided my secrets, knew my romance book addiction and the only one I have fantasized about kissing. Now that I am grown up and know life and love is not like my books I have to stay away from him. After all these years the attraction is still there but not sure if it is just one-sided. He is the one man that makes me feel crazy and want to be normal. A girl like me can never be normal not after that one night, where he abandoned me. Seeing him and knowing he is here because of my grandmother doesn’t make me all too happy about the situation he is in right now. My name is Margot McCleery, romance author and the only woman that might be able to tame the wildest Wellington twin ever, if I can let go and be who I used to be before.

My name is Bentley Wellington and I am the least committed guy in the family. Love and marriage is not for me better for my brothers. Women want me and use me the same way I use them. No one has caught my attention since years ago when a red-haired beauty captivated me, Margot. She was my best friend, the only one who didn’t expect much of me just wanting me the way I am. Being with her was like sharing a part of my soul, a part of me nobody saw. The thing is I made a big mistake by not checking on her after that one night and I am paying for it right now. She is the one for me and I am determined to show her I am the one for her, permanently. As a romance author she knows romance but how much is it really from experience or fascination.

Rachel Van Dyken, I love you for finally getting the hottest, wildest Wellington a woman who does not fall easily to his charms. Margot is exactly what he needs to show him that love does exist even a man like him. The chemistry between them is cute and adorable. Loved how hard Bentley is working to get back in her good graces and boy funny all the way. Margot is one tough cookie and boy the way she makes Bentley squirm all the way. The relationship they have may have been torn but this is one guy who is trying all his charm, wit and most of all putting his heart out for the one that got away in his life. Rachel Van Dyken created such an awesome series about billionaire bachelors who are finding out that matchmakers are ganging up in every way showing them love does exist for them. This is one series that will make you want more and I for one cannot wait for the last twin in this family to read about his story. The Wellington’s are one family you don’t want to miss by Rachel Van Dyken.


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