Trying It All: A Naked Men by Christi Barth

Trying It All: A Naked Men by Christi Barth
268 pages
4 moons

He has a big stick in the butt. That is the only reason me and Riley Ness don’t get along. All he cares about is detail, organization and well not having fun. I have no idea how the others, like Logan, Josh and Griff can be friends with him for they are so opposite from him. It comes as a huge surprise that all of sudden I cannot stop thinking of him. One minute we are fighting and the next I have passionate make out sessions from him. This is unlike me but he is now all up in front of me. He calls me crazy, stubborn and irresponsible but after knowing life is not something you should take for granted I know he needs to let loose. Riley is all about work never taking the time to enjoy life and because of this everybody tells me I am perfect for him. Don’t get me wrong the sex between us is hot but can there be more than just physical attraction between us.  We made a truce to be friends but again being with him is making me want more of Riley. Can he learn to go with the flow or end us worse than ever?

Impulsive, crazy, risk-taker that is what I see when I am with Summer Sheridan. She is everything I need to stay away from but my body and heart wants her. For the first time in years since the big accident she is making me want more. I know my friends think I’m all about work and no fun but I learned my lesson. I should never play around and instead focus on my career. What happened to me years ago and my friends made me see that life is dangerous. Summer is everything that says my life with her will be dangerous and a part of me though wants to be free of all the rules. Trying to be carefree, impulsive and crazy with her might be the end of me or something new. Can I take the biggest risk in my life and fall for her? Will she be the death of me?

I came into this series a little late but have to say I am so getting the rest of this series by Christine Barth. I love Riley and Summer is exactly what he needs in his life. All he knows is how to work and work never taking the time to just well be Riley. The attraction him and Summer have is refreshing and in some ways scary for him. Christine Barth did a great job in showing him that there is more to life than just work and this is what shakes the foundation of Riley Ness. The Naked Men of course make special appearances and we see the craziness of Logan, Josh and Griff making this story of Riley and Summer great to read. Summer just proves that with persistence and a whole lot of loving any man can change even a stickler of a rules guy like Riley.


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