Bonded by Autumn Sand

Bonded: A Twisted Hearts Love Story by Autumn Sand
268 pages

Women are my specialty, what they think, how they feel and more than ever how satisfied they are after leaving me. I have had many women but none compare to an innocent, sexy nurse like Brenda. She is everything I don’t deserve and yet somehow I must protect her. I never meant to come back but Sir is about to get all he deserves. For years he treated me like shit, the beatings, the lies and my mother not giving a shit. I had no reason to stay until I saw Brenda again and the fear in her eyes. Everything in me screamed to run but my heart said to stay and finally meet my match. Brenda is unlike any woman I have known and this bond I have for her scares the shit out of me. My name is Magnum, bald, tattooed and club manager for Pulse X not a straight-laced guy like her neighbor who wants her as well. From the outside I am a thug but when she kisses and puts her heart in my hands I am a goner. Can I give her the protection she needs and the love she craves? Will I always be weak like my father beats me into repeatedly?

He is unlike any man I know and I want him. I know men like him only want one thing and I so want to give it to him. The thing is that my past is coming back and someone wants to finish what never ended years ago. Nobody must know what I had to do to escape but Magnum is not just any guy. Yes he is big, tattooed, muscled and did I mention the hottest man I have been with in a long time. I knew one kiss from him won’t be enough and though my heart says give him everything I have to be cautious. This bond I have with him is not something I can control for just being near him I want more. He is not just a bodyguard but a man with his own demons that haunt him an it screams out to me to protect him from them. Can I give him the love he has never felt before? Will he be the one to destroy my heart forever?

The Twisted Heart series is everything it states in its title for it will pull you every way. Autumn Sand doesn’t just write about sex and love, she gets down to gritty part of a man’s heart. In Bedlam we see a little bit of Magnum and boy this one is all about him in a way that will make you want more of him. We have Brenda who is the one woman who can make this tough guy go all mushy with just a kiss or a touch. Just like Magnum she has her own secrets and searching for something she has never experienced, real love. Magnum though is not like Tony or Tick but one haunted by a past that still scares him making him think he is still weak. My heart went out for what he went through but happy that in some way he gets the peace he has secretly been searching for in his life. With Brenda he feels whole and she is the one to make him see that he is strong and deserves all the happiness he can get if he lets go. One thing about this book though is that there are some parts of it that might be too much but is needed to see what makes Magnum the way he is. This is a series that will grab at you, like I said Bonded will make you want more of Autumn Sand getting down and dirty with her men making us see what really makes them tick. Loved it.

“I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own.”


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