Devastate by Marley Valentine

Devastate by Marley Valentine
4 moons

I had everything until he decided it wasn’t enough. I was happy and expecting then fate decided I shouldn’t be happy. It has been 2 years and the heartache is still there no matter how much Elliott, brother-in-law, tries to help me to live again. Nothing is working until I meet Lior. Just his name evokes fun but I don’t deserve it. Everyday he is making me break away from my cocoon of nothingless and I have no idea how to cope. My name is Evie, I used to be alive, funny and the life of the party until my husband left me and the only thing that made me feel like a woman is gone. Until Lior. He is everything that is making me happy lately and learning to live again. Can I learn to be me again when all I wanted is gone from my life?

I have no idea what is about Evie but I want her. When I see her I don’t just see a sad, lonely woman. I see a broken woman who needs me more than I need her. My best friend, Elliott says they have nothing going on but I see something else. Being with Evie I am feeling something I haven’t felt in a long time. I used to be scared about being committed to someone but knowing Evie I am all the way in no matter what the outcome may be. Being with her I feel alive and more than just a friend which is hard considering it’s Evie. Elliott tells me to slow but there is just something about her that I want more than ever. I want her to love me the way I love her. Can I prove to her that I am not going nowhere? Can I get her to come out of the past and learn to live again?

This is the first I have ready by Marley Valentine and have to say it was refreshing to read about a new author. We have Evie, a young woman who thought she had everything she wanted until well fate took it away. What got me was the heartache and grief this young woman had in her life. Marley Valentine pulled me in every direction, one minute rooting for her and the next wanting her to wake up and move on. Then we have Lior, which by the way is a very unique name from this talented author. He has never felt grief like Evie and though he might never get the love returned he sticks with her in any way. The chemistry they have is slow but the friendship though is something she never expected to have. This is not your typical romance but one filled of a woman starting over again and learning to love. We have friendship, one that gives her strength to live again and a love that makes her see second chances do exist. Marley Valentine is an author definitely going to be on the lookout for just reading about Evie and Lior interested to see what else she can create.

“I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own.”


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