My Kinda Night by Lacey Black

My Kinda Night by Lacey Black
376 pages
Ebook and Print

It has to be just business and nothing more. At least it was supposed to be just about business but I cannot say no to Dean McIntire, my accountant. Of all people for me to be fantasizing and lusting he is the last person I should be thinking of. He is everything I would go for, hot, sexy and passionate. The thing is that he wants more than I can give him and it pains me. My sisters and even my grandparents think I am crazy to not get him in my life. There is more than just sex between us for he has a secret I never expected from him. Yet being with him is when I feel alive and more than just a sister or a florist. I am not sure how to deal with this love between us and though it scares me my sisters are the only ones who can help me figure him out. As my grandma calls it life is about sex, but how much can sex takes us when love comes into the picture.

She is trouble with a capital “T” and I want her. Coming to Jupiter Bay is supposed to be a new change for us and everyday I don’t see her just scares. Working with her was just supposed to be just about business until one night. I thought she was feisty when I first saw her enter the accounting firm but one kiss of her and the fireworks between us explode. There is so much more than just Payton being a florist and a client. The thing is that I am new to Jupiter Bay and mixing business with pleasure can be trouble. Like I said she is trouble but the good, hot as ever kind that my heart and body wants more of from her. As relationships go we are foreign to it but I know Payton is the one for me. Problem is will she want a go between us when she finds out about my little secret.

Lacey Black is back with the much awaited sequel to My Kinda Kisses with the next Summer sister that will warm your heart. We have Payton, the eldest of 5 sisters and granddaughter to most perviest grandparents ever, looking for more than just sex. Payton has been mother hen to her sisters and actually the most reserved of the whole Summer family so it is quite a surprise that she just wants sex from Dean. From the outside you see a strong, independent woman but in the inside is a woman who wants that ever lasting love her sister, Jaime has found. Then we have Dean who by all counts is up for the sex fest with her but then love comes in. Now this is not the typical love they expected for it is the all consuming-gotta have you now kinda love that only Lacey Black can create. I loved that for once in her life Payton is not the all responsible one but the carefree woman she yearns to be and Dean is exactly what she needs to have fun. Loved it and thought it is Payton’s story we see a little bit of every sister and cannot wait to see what sister will be next by Lacey Black.

“I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own.”


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