Recluse by Jaycee Ford

Recluse by Jaycee Ford
230 pages
4 moons

We were friends for a long time, survived the War, the sands, the enemies all to be over in one night. Mike was more than just my best friend he was a brother to me. Grace, his wife though is another matter that even now I still don’t know what we really are towards each other. When Mike was alive I envied my brother for what he had in his life, Grace and his daughter Chloe. Now a year later I am starting to see them as more than just my late friends family which confuses the hell out of me. I know Grace is still mourning but seeing her everyday is making it hard to just be her friend. With Grace I see all I envied within my reach but the guilt is there knowing my partner at work is no longer here. It’s not just Mike not being here that troubles me but someone out there is killing innocent women in my town.

He is cold-hearted, ruthless and knowing someone out there can strike any minute now makes me worried. My girls are important to me and a killer is somewhere in my town. Can I find him before he strikes? Is Grace ready to move on and know my true feelings?

This is the first I have read from Jaycee Ford and this is a series, Spider Series, that I for one cannot wait to see who the killer is. We have Wyatt who is a man that takes things seriously with caution but when it comes to Grace he is ready to lose control. The thing though that I thought kind of took a while was the guilt of his best friend. Grace is a young widow but also a woman and being with Wyatt just friends is making her get tired. They have been friends forever and as a reader I can tell that sometimes there has to be more than friendship and boy the chemistry is there. Cannot wait to find out what happens after New Years for this is one book that will make you question everybody even your other beset friend.

“I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own.”


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