Rock Star by Stacey Kennedy

Rock Star by Stacey Kennedy
110 pages
4 stars

We had a plan, one that I have followed through until I saw him again. Years ago we had dreams, me was to be a great veterinarian open 2 of them in my town and him be the rock star he was meant to be. Dreams of making it big with no regrets I set him free. He was my best friend, my first at everything and his dream was more important than a young girls love. Catfish Creek was never enough for his talent and even though I loved Travis with all my heart his happiness was more important, at least I thought. Seeing again though, there is sadness in his eyes I never expected. He says he still loves me but can I be enough for him when he has lived his dream.

10 years ago we had dreams, two young people who thought the world was big at our fingertips. Dreams that in some way involved my Rae but she stayed. Catfish Creek was never a place I could see myself living forever but it has Rae in it. Seeing her after all these years at the place where our love started is making me see my dreams were not what I really wanted. Being a musician has always been there for me but all this time it is Rae who is my dream. She sent me away thinking we had all the time but the thing is that this dream is not doing it for me anymore. Is it possible to get the one elusive dream I was afraid to tell her I really wanted? Will she still want me after all this time?

One thing I like about Stacey Kennedy is she keeps the stories upbeat never a dull moment especially when it comes to a rock star like Travis. I loved that here is a guy who has everything he has dreamed of having and the woman that made it all come true. These two might have had big plans but their hearts never left each other. In a way their love just grew stronger when apart and boy when they are together the fireworks start popping between them. Loved that Rae doesn’t care about the fame and fortune Travis has just wants to feel cherished and loved again by her man. Short, sweet and best of all we see two people getting all they have secretly wanted, love.

“I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own.”


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