Tied Up in Heartstrings by Felicia Lynn

Tied Up in Heartstrings by Felicia Lynn
310 pages
4 moons

I had everything once upon a time, the perfect husband, my dream house and most of all my little nugget my daughter. All it took was one trip to end all my happily ever after and now each day is a struggle. If it wasn’t for my little Sierra, I would be gone as well nothing would matter. I try to be strong but there are things that my little girls needs, like a daddy’s love. My life is not what I expected it to be and now that I am having fun my past comes to hit me in the behind. Of everything that has happened in my life Garrett McKenna is the one person that somehow has stayed in my heart. There was just something about this guy that got to me years ago in college. Seeing him after all this time how hot he is now and shocking interested in me is like wow. I know I am not the same girl he met instead now a single, widow and somewhat scared woman. He makes me want to believe in love again and though my body wants him can I trust this hot country singer with my heart and little Sierra.

She is the one that got away, the one I sing to thousands of people in every performance. Nobody knows the real Garrett like my woman, Alexis knows. After all these years she is sexier than ever and I want her. Knowing the heartache she has gone through and raising her little girl makes me go all Alpha. I have many women before but none pull me so hard like Alexis and little Sierra. All the awards and fame I have reached in my life doesn’t compare at all when I have them both with me. Being with Alexis makes me want to be better and show her that love still exists for her if she lets go. I know she loved Jed but somehow our souls are meant for each other after all this time. Singing is all I know but Alexis is showing me a life I never imagined will be possible. Can I show her that we are tied together through love and passion?

This is the first I have read by Felicia Lynn and have to say it was a great book to start of from. Tied Up in Heartstrings is the first in a series that just by reading this one know will pull me at every direction. Alexis is a woman who is starting to learn to live again after the loss of Jed. With him she had everything and now she has to be both mother and father for her little girl. Now have to say little Sierra was a treat to read and her affection for Garrett was so cute. The attraction Alexis has for Garrett is like two soul mates finally finding their way back together. The heartache is there for Alexis but with Garrett she is learning that the life she had can be hers again if she learns to trust herself and feel love again. Felicia Lynn created such a beautiful tale and seeing Garrett give Alexis strength throughout the book just wowed me. Here is a guy who has money, fame, women wanting his attention but when it comes to those two it is just them in his world. Loved it.

“I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own.”


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