Twisted by Mandi Beck

Imperfect Love: Twisted (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Mandi Beck
97 pages
4 moons

Weddings can be happy and in my case torture. I never expected to be attending my sister’s wedding to my ex. Yep I am the girl that got cheated on and now I am stuck. I was the one supposed to be walking down the aisle not the one stuck in the wedding party. Going single was the mission but then in walks in Jasper. I have no time for men especially when I work at Tate & Cane Enterprises and work is my man right now. My nights is nothing but working late not having mind blowing sex with the Scottish man coming to my rescue. As my friends say I need to have some fun and Jasper is the man I need to have some wicked fun with right now. The thing is that after finding my ex cheating on me can I trust my heart with Jasper. Will I always be the girl that gets cheated on?

Something about her in the bar and getting talked down pulled at me. She is beautiful, sexy and well the hero in me wants to rescue her. There is just something about Fannin that pulls at me like no other woman has done. Coming to the United States was supposed to be just a job never expected to meet Mrs. Jasper James. Now that I have had a taste of her I want more of my Fanny. I knew right away she was going to be a woman with spirit and wickedness just takes a strong man like me to uncover all this in her. Can I prove to her that when a Scottish man like me find the one we do all we can to keep her forever?

I love it when a Scottish man is in the book and boy is Jasper one hot fine sexy man ever. Mandi Beck created such a funny and passionate character there is no way Fannin can just walk away from him. I loved that even though Fannin is at a crossroad in her love life it takes an adventurous and persistent man like Jasper to make her not give up on love. Short and sweet it may be but have to say this is a favorite of mine from the Imperfect Love series. Mandi Beck knows what buttons to push Fannin to be the girl she is destined to be, fun and in love with the right man. Loved it.

“I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own.”


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