Wicked Favor by Sawyer Bennett

Wicked Favor: The Wicked Horse Vegas by Sawyer Bennett
368 pages
Ebook and Print

Money and endless women is my life now, not that I can complain. My name is Jerico Jameson and every man wants to be me and yes every woman wants a piece of me. The thing is that lately all this is starting to seem well boring. At least until she came in asking for help. Now don’t get me wrong I am wicked to the core and all the things I want to do with Trista Barnes is nothing that resembles a favor. She is of a guy I thought I knew, a stranger really from my past. She is innocent to the core and all I want is to fuck her, show her what The Wicked Hose is really about and my life. The thing is that she is showing me something I never expected and that is my world through her eyes. At first she may look innocent but she is perfect for me in every way. Can I continue on this game I set when I hired her? Will she finally be the one to tame me?

Family has always been my main thing, willing to do anything to make sure everybody is okay. I knew when I went to my brother I was just asking for trouble. Jerico is the only person I know who can help me no matter what he asks of me. I am no virgin but man when it comes to Jerico he is making me feel like an idiot. I know about sex but the Wicked Horse is so much more and now I am curious as hell. What started out as a favor is turning out to be an eye opener? Being with him though everyday, knowing he can see me and wants me is just too much. It was supposed to be just supposed to be temporary but I know Jerico is nothing temporary. Can I survive the Wicked Horse with my heart intact or will the sex god himself make me loose it?

Sawyer Bennett you are one talented and naughty author I have come across to with this hot book. Jerico is the hottest man ever that Trista has come across to and in some ways it scares and excites her. Talk about sex on a stick this guy has it all from the way he walks, talks and fucks there is no way Trista can survive without her heart in his hands. Sawyer Bennett has a hit with this series and cannot wait for the next one in this series has it all from sex, passion, lies and betrayal but most of all you cannot pass up Jerico. Loved it.

“I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own.”


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