Famed by Magan Vernon

Famed by Magan Vernon
96 pages
4 moons

It was supposed to be just a joke, a somewhat getting back at him. I didn’t realize at the time it was going to be career suicide. I have been a celebrity since I was a little girl and now I ruined it. Nobody knows the real truth except me. Tired of getting no call backs I go to the main PR company and that is Tate & Crane. I expected a lot from them but wasn’t prepared for Chris Garcia. He is the up and coming celebrity well per Instagram and he is my salvation. Can I put my career in his hands?

This is my big break and Mary James is more than I can handle. Being a junior associate for a big company like Tate & Crane I am moving on up but she might be my downfall. I have come this far and no hot, sexy and did I mention beautiful celebrity will knock me down. The thing is that Mary James is much more than I expected and though she is my ticket to be in the higher up I am feeling something more than just work. Can I make all my dreams come true?

Short, sweet and funny is what Famed by Magan Vernon is all about. I love that is part of the Imperfect Kindle World series and boy readers will not be disappointed. We see more about Noah and Olivia from Tate & Crane making this series feel like a family of dysfunctional but all around they all come together. Chris is like every entrepreneur hungry for success and boy when Mary James comes in watch out. It is like a reality show coming to life but we see the great part the behind the scenes. Cannot wait to see what else is in store in this series.

“I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own.”


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