One-Night Stand-In – T. Gephart

One-Night Stand-In – T. Gephart
97 pages
4 1/2 moons

I love my job and I deserve this promotion. Working at Tate & Crane I have seen how far I come and knowing this is my chance to prove I deserve this promotion is what is making me work with Kyle less difficult. Of all the people for Noah and Olivia to hire I didn’t expect him. It has been 6 months since that one night and still all the feelings and god the touch of him is still in my mind. He is the one person where I, Sarah Madison, was impulsive, reckless and just in a sexual bliss. Kyle and his devilish green eyes still makes my heart go crazy and my hormones want to be Mrs. Kyler Drake again. It was a mistake but a delicious, sinful mistake and now I am paying for it. Working with him is double trouble for me and he is the one person that is making my job difficult right now. Can I prove to Noah and Olivia I am the right person for the job when I can’t even figure out my marriage?

I have never forgotten about my wife. Yes me, Kyle Drake married a stranger. Not just anyone but Sarah Madison, a woman who bewitched me with innocence and her wildness. I knew right away she was going to be something in my life but not marriage. Working with Noah an Olivia meant more than just me changing jobs but never expected to see my wife again. Now I am more than ever happy I’m here but getting my wife to want me is being difficult. Can I convince my Sarah we belong together and this time for real?

Who knew a one night stand can be sinful, fun and yes awkward but T. Gephart does it with a hot sexy guy in Kyle and the woman that will fight him in every way. This is a beautiful series and one readers will love seeing. Noah and Olivia are fun to see after their happily ever after and seeing Sarah fight to prove she deserves to be on top in this company was fun. Not to mention the attraction between her and Kyle was hilarious for there is no denying the sexual chemistry between them. More to come in this series readers will not be disappointed. Loved it.

“I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own.”


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