Punched by Jacob Chance

Punched by Jacob Chance

Four years it has been since my heart has been broken and my world is centered on MMA. Four years since I made the biggest mistake and now four years later it is my time to make things right. My ray of sunshine is back and knowing there is hate for me in her eyes pains me. Reagan Collins was and is my everything, yes even more than fighting. I was an idiot to let her go and fall for pressure. Seeing her back in her father’s gym it is a sign that my time is here again. Four years ago she was a beautiful 18 year old and now as a woman she is sexier than ever stealing my breath away. I know she has a lot of questions why I did what I did years ago but all that matters is the odds of her giving me a second chance. My time is not just of her but I am finally going to make it big in the MMA world. Everybody tells me women are a big distraction but Reagan is one distraction I want to keep forever. Can this fighter get his ray of sunshine back again?

Four years he broke my heart and I barely survived. Four years and I never found out the real reason why he did what he did. I expected to see him again but never thought it will be everyday. My father always said Noah Nolan will make it big, the new up and coming best MMA fighter he has ever trained. To me he was my boyfriend, Noah Nolan who made me hot for him and made me feel loved. There were so many things he kept hidden about his life and now I want answers. I’m not the same naïve girl I used to be, instead I am a woman who knows what she wants. SEX and Noah is the right man to sate my desires and hormones. Can I keep my heart intact without falling for his charms again?

Readers if the cover alone doesn’t get you into this book then you are missing out on Jacob Chance. Once again this new author I have come across has blown me away. We have Noah Nolan who has led a hard life and trying his hardest to make his life better. We have Reagan, who is a beautiful and smart girl turning his whole life upside down all over again. The love they have might have seemed to fast four years ago but one thing about these two is their passion for each other has never fazed out. Jacob Chance is one hot author you don’t want to pass up for he not only bring his characters to life but you can smell the gym, the fighters, the camaraderie between the guys and most of all you see how strong their love is for each other. Punched is more about just MMA fighting and two people in love you see a man fighting for everything he has dreamed of having. Love and a good woman by his side. Loved it.

“I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own.”


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