REVIEW: Chasing Him (Bishop Brothers) by Kennedy Fox

Chasing Him (Bishop Brothers) by Kennedy Fox
423 pages

John Bishop has never seen himself as wild or impulsive yet it takes one little baby to well make his life better. Bailey was the one person who made him feel alive and really thought maybe more. The thing is she disappeared and now he is trying to be the best dad ever to little Maize. He never knew how lucky he was to be a Bishop and the family he has but they are not enough. Having a somewhat live in nanny answered all his prayer but dang he didn’t expect a spitfire like Mila Carmichael. Can he stay away from the nanny or will she be his breaking point?

All Mila Carmichael wanted in life was to be a teacher. At least that was the plan until little Maize came along. As the third of seven siblings she knows her way around children but something about Maize got to her heart. It doesnt hurt that her father is well a DILF. He is pure, sexy and forbidden dad but doesnt stop her from fantasizing of maybe more than nanny and boss relationship. Problem is she didn’t expect to fall for the Bishops, Maize and hello Texas yet can she leave everything for plans that well dont seem important anymore.

Once again the Bishops are a family you don’t mess with and boy do they corral for little Maize. I loved that in the previous book we saw a little of John, Jacksons quiet, reserved and sexy twin brother. We see a side of him nobody sees and then a part of him that will make any little girl lucky to have him as a father. The attraction between these two is like one giant book of foreplay making you wonder how much longer John can deny the attraction. Not only do we see John and Mila but the whole family and what they been up to. All in all this is a series that will make you believe in love, happiness and the strength of family. Loved it.

“I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own.”


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