REVIEW: More of You by A.L. Jackson

More of You by A.L. Jackson
469 pages
Ebook and Print

My life is not what I expected to be. I always dreamed I will be married to a man I would love deeply and feel happy. I had it once upon a time with a man my father thought was a troublemaker, Jace Jacobs. Years later my life brings me back to him making me wonder once again what happened to us. Just when I think my life will be okay someone is watching my every move and not just me. Can I finally have answers to my past?

She was the one bright thing in my life and I fucked up. Of everybody in this town she was the only one who didnt treat me like trash or a troublemaker. Her name is Faith but to me she is hope, love and happiness something I never felt in my life until her. I knew when this thing happened it will change everything including her own happiness. Family is important to me and now years later I am taking back what was stolen from me. Will she give me a chance or is my Faith no more for me?

In one word of A.L. Jackson’s new series is Wow. We have a man who by all counts on the outside might seem bad yet inside he is a true gentleman. Then we have a woman who is the most sweetest, kind and generous person to see a man beneath the tough exterior. One is looking for an escape and the other is looking to well live. These two complete each other where there is a point where they start acting as one. I loved that A.L. Jackson shows us flashbacks of their lives making us see what brought them together yet see the hope and love is still there. The start of a new series will make you want well more of Jace and Faith. Loved it.

“I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own.”


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