REVIEW: My Kinda Forever (Summer Sisters Book 6) by Lacey Black

My Kinda Forever (Summer Sisters Book 6) by Lacey Black
383 pages

It was always Josh and Meghan, yet life has a way of changing a persons life. Everybody knows it is hard right now but they miss the happy, always smiling Meghan Summer most of all Nick Adams. Though it has been 2 years since Meghan went from fiancee to single Nick is wanting his old friend back. Josh was her everything yet it does not stop him from fantasizing and dreaming the day she looks at him as more than a boss and friend.

She knows she cannot hide anymore but it is hard. Her whole life was always her and Josh and now she is just Meghan. She knows it is time to move on when she starts feeling jealous about all her sisters finding love and happiness. The thing is lately she is feeling something for her best friend and boss afraid of well the what ifs. Can she move on knowing that love might be right under her nose all this time? Can she just forget about Josh and find love with someone else?

Okay my heart teared up when we lost Josh in the previous book and Meghan so in pain. That is how good Lacey Black is to make a character so memorable they follow you in the beyond. They were high school sweethearts and seeing Meghan so brokenhearted crushed me. Then we have Nick who in a way is exactly what Meghan needs to feel alive again. Lacey created such a kind, beautiful and sweet woman like Meghan it is easy to love her. Now Nick, good Lord is he is one patient man for Meghan. Together these two are great and the love he has for him is more than what she ever felt before. Loved it.

“I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own.”


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