REVIEW: Needing Him (Bishop Brothers) by Kennedy Fox

Needing Him (Bishop Brothers) by Kennedy Fox
400 pages

Evan Bishop is not your typical man to mess around with and one doctor is about to figure out how hard it is to get on his good side. All Dr. Emily Bell wants is to be the best doctor and Evan Bishop is making it hard in many delicious ways. She knows it is not her but what she did before they met. It was one night and it made her feel desired once again. Evan is definitely more than a one night stand and now he wants more. Can she juggle being a doctor and a girlfriend without her outside feelings getting in the way?

They call him Mr. Undateable, which to him is fine. So having a one night stand seemed perfect for him but never thought of seeing the woman again. Yet someone is definitely having a good laugh because now that woman is everywhere. Dr. Emily is everything he must stay away but she is unlike any woman he has met before. The chemistry is there and for the first time he wants more which is so unthinkable of him. As a Bishop and an eligible bachelor women know a man like him is irresistible, sexy as hell and no woman can let him go. Will he be the next Bishop to fall for a woman?

Good Lord the Bishop men are very hard to resist dang Kennedy Fox for bringing them into my life. I thought Alex was it for me but so was not expecting Dr. Evan Bishop. We saw a little of him with River but when it comes to Emily he is all in. I loved that they butt heads at every step yet the passion between them is explosive at every chapter. One thing I loved the most is how protective Evan is concerning Emily and that speaks on so many levels that this is more than a one night stand. Cannot wait for Johns story in the next Bishop series.

“I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own.”


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