REVIEW:Taming Him (Bishop Brothers) by Kennedy Fox

Taming Him (Bishop Brothers) by Kennedy Fox
396 pages

Move over one night stands for a night with a sexy, hunky and smooth talking cowboy is all you need. It has been years since River has taken a vacation and after a broken heart this is exactly what she needs. She never imagined though of nights filled of sex or a cowboy like Alex Bishop turning her life upside down. The thing is the feelings she has for him is more of a fling status and something that scares her.

To Alex women come easily begging for him. Yet River not only doesn’t fall for his charms but is making him see that she is more than just a sexual fling. Being she is the first woman to well engage him in a way he has never been before should scare him yet with her it feels just well right. Sex has always been easy for Alex but when it comes to real love and a family only one woman comes to mind, River. Can this vacation be the start of something great or sometime to just tie him down?

Bishop men where have you been all my life. As a Texan, have to say Kennedy Fox sure knows how to make them hot, sexy and a whole lots of fun. I loved the sexual banter between Alex and River talk about hot but also how love comes to them. It takes a strong man like Alex to make River see it’s possible to be happy and loved again with the right man. Kennedy Fox has a great series and cannot wait to see the next Bishop brother to fall for a woman.

“I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own.”


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