REVIEW:The Charm of You by Jennifer Probst

The Charm of You by Jennifer Probst
4 moons

We all have that one guy that broke our heart and never left our memories but for Presley Cabot it is much more. Nolan Banks was THE ONE, but like all men he showed his true colors back in college. Gone is the shy, nervous and overweight girl Presley used to be and now she can do anything except forget the past especially when her past is back. The young Nolan she knew was everything she crushed on but the man now is all sex on a stick and making the woman in her want more of him. The thing is the young girl in her is still heartbroken and now she is determined to get her payback. Can she still do it especially when this Nolan actually wants her now?

So the new one by Jennifer Probst just speaks so well to what any of us might have experienced in our past. We have Presley Cabot, who by counts is one strong, ambitious and brave woman taking on anything that comes her way except when it comes to Nolan. Now seeing them together the chemistry is all there but so are the memories of what happened to the old Presley. Have to say when it comes to karma hitting you it hits hard yet make you see that sometimes getting back can also be sexy too. All in all this was a really good book hoping there is more of this town like Nolans brother. Loved it.

“I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own.”


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