REVIEW of THE REBOUND by Kendall Ryan

The Rebound (Looking to Score Book 4) by Kendall Ryan
197 pages
4 moons

Being a rookie has been tough especially when the captain of the team can’t stand me. They tell me to relax, only thing is the only way to relax for me is by being with my new neighbor. The thing is that my neighbor is about to pop and yet I am not scared of that happening. Kinley is unlike any woman I have met and it scares me that no one is there for me. At least she says her brother is there but I want to be the one she needs. Of everything that has happened I never expected her to my enemies little sister. Kinley is so not like her brother and now I am so deep in trouble because I want to be more than just a neighbor to her. Can I the rookie play the biggest game of his life and get the captain to like me and sister to be with me forever?

Short and sweet is what I like about the latest by Kendall Ryan especially Price St. James. From the previous books we saw a little of the wild side of him and boy readers will so love this new side of him right now. I loved how attentive, caring and loving he is towards Kinley. There are some great scenes in this book and seeing Price change from a rook to a wanna be father was beautiful till the end. Now even though she is about to have a kid, Kinley is determined to be strong and independent. Seeing her go against her brother, the captain of the team and showing her true colors was a proud moment for her. These two are great for each other and such a great addition to the Looking to Score book series.

“I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own.”

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