After I Fall (Falling Book 3) by Jessica Scott

After I Fall (Falling Book 3) by Jessica Scott
248 pages
4 1/2 moons

He is a man. Not just any man but one who makes me feel alive. For years I have been the dutiful daughter and obedient fiancée. Since I entered The Pint I am feeling alive. There is something about being with Eli that is making me see my life so far is not really my life. Everything I do is planned or dictated by either Davis or my dad. Eli is someone who doesn`t tell me how to act, be or talk just for me to be and it excites me. I know a girl like me doesn`t belong in his world but I need him. Everybody sees me as the spoiled rich girl not the real me which just pisses me off. To the world I am Parker Hauser, the little rich college girl that will do anything you ask her to do with no arguments. To Eli I am another one of his toys of misfit people of The Pint who needs a second at reclaiming her own life.

I have done and seen a lot of things in the War and opening up by my own bar, The Pint I welcome those who are lost. It is because of The Pint where I feel safe and in my own world until she came into my bar. A girl like Parker Hauser doesn`t belong here or someone like me to taint her. She is one of those girls that you know has never gotten her hands dirty. A man like me still running from his mistakes regrets shouldn`t even have a chance with her but she makes it impossible. My bar is my lifeline and having Parker for a little bit of time makes it less lonesome and a little bit of light into my darkness. Just when I think I can have a future with little miss sunshine my past comes back to bite me. Can a soldier like me have a civilian life filled with love and happiness instead of nightmares and gun fights?

The Falling series by Jessica Scott has to be one of those series that just grips you into the whole slew of characters as Eli calls it the Misfits. Each book brings us a man or woman either from getting out of war or going through their own kind of war. We have Parker who unlike Eli is leading a cushioned life but even those who are set in life doesn`t mean they have the life they dreamed of having. Parker feels confused, lost and just not feeling like herself. All her life she has been told how to act and talk never sharing her own mind. Then we have Eli who has seen so much in War and still has regrets in his life from that lifetime. Jessica Scott created two people who are opposite from each other yet they are both looking for the same live. All in all this is a series that speaks of learning to trust and just be yourself something that Jessica Scott shows her readers that anything is possible if you learn to believe. Loved it.

Fighting for Love Book 2 of Boston Love by Kelly Elliott

Fighting for Love Book 2 of Boston Love by Kelly Elliott
360 pages

Good Lord Kelly Elliott sure knows how to tease us and does she ever with Finn Ward. I love that this guy is a well known playboy but when he see’s Rory all bets are off. I loved that he has a girl who doesn’t fall easily to his charms making him work for it. The attraction they have is one that Rory hasn’t felt in a long time which in some ways scares her. Being with Finn makes her be impulsive and irresponsible something she has never done in her life. Work is all she knows and Finn shows her she can have so much more. Finn now is conflicted in a way because he wants Rory but there is a huge obstacle that will hurt him. Kelly Elliott not only shows us about Finn but we see Preston and Harmony again making this Boston Love series so fun to read about hot. Rory has no chance when it comes to this bad ass firefighter making me wish there was more of Finn. Cannot wait to see what else is next in the Boston Love series.

Just One Spark by Jami Wagner

Just One Spark by Jami Wagner
4 moons
I so love going back to the Black Alcove bar in this series for it just makes me happy how far this series has gone. Once again Jami Wagner shows us another person that we will love and the obstacles they never expected to happen. We have Beth Moyer who just wants one night of sexual abandonment but fate wants her to finally find love. This is something she doesn`t believe in and makes Maverick Mitchell work hard about his feelings. Two people who have never met before yet cannot seemed to get away from each other no matter how hard they try. The attraction between them is beyond sexual and just makes Beth wanting more than she has dreamed of having in her life. Jami knows how to make a series complete in every way and have to say looking forward to see if there will be something between Abby and Tyler. Black Alcove is a series that you will want to get a hold of for you can see Jami Wagner`s talent in each character she creates and the storylines she comes up with are not the typical ones but ones that are memorable. Loved it.

Anchor Me (Stark Trilogy Book 4) by J. Kenner

Anchor Me (Stark Trilogy Book 4) by J. Kenner
326 pages
Ebook and Print


I am weak and though my Damien see’s me strong I just want to forget. One minute we were all excited, happy and then everything is gone. I never expected to feel so much pain like this to the extreme where I just want to feel the blade again. Being with Damien has made me see how happiness and excitement is but there is still someone from my past that wants to take it all away. Damien is stronger than me and still don’t know why he is with me. There is one person though that haunts me and knowing that she is nearby has me on panic mode. Damien thinks I’m crazy to think I don’t deserve this much love and happiness but the feeling that everything will disappear feels close to me. Family has always been the one thing I never really had not the kind Damien wants to give me and it pains me that I might not be able to give it back to him. Can I be Mrs. Damien Stark again and let all this heartache and pain go without losing him for good?

I love going back to Damien and Nikki seeing how far they have come is just wow. J. Kenner once again shows us that no matter how happy you are life has a way of well kicking you down. I loved that Nikki and Damien are not all about the money and fame but real people who just want be normal. Nikki is not all about Damien’s money but wants to make a name of her own and Damien just love this guy. J. Kenner did a beautiful job in not only making us see what they have been up to but we see Jackson, Syl, Jamie and Ryan make an appearance and this what make’s her books beautiful for it’s not just the characters but their whole family. Love, passion and happiness is what makes her books memorable wanting more of them. Cannot wait to see what else is in store for the Stark Trilogy books.

Arranged (Masters and Mercenaries) Novella By Lexi Blake

Arranged (Masters and Mercenaries) Novella By Lexi Blake
4 1/2 moons

I remember when I was just your average man. I remember being able to do whatever I wanted and not see it in the tabloids or internet the next day. Most of all I remember her and the feelings I had for her. Seeing her again after all these years the love I felt for her is stronger than ever. Dayita Samar is the only one who has ever made me feel normal and be who I want to be. Yet everything changed the day I became King Kash Kamdar and my life is not my own anymore. Seeing disgust in her eyes for me is not what I ever expected to see. Dayita is the only one I respect and her seeing how much I have changed pains me. I was living the life of fun, sex and no commitments until my mother intervened and now I want to thank her. I never expected having Dayita so close by makes me rethink about my responsibilities. As the King of Loa Mali I am told to rule and govern my country correctly but nobody told me how to love my Dayita. Can I prove to her that I can still be the man she needs?

He was the one that got away. Oh I knew he was destined for much more but for one brief time in college he was just Kash to me. He was the first man that made me feel things and well made me see that there could be more than just the university. Problem is that I am not the same girl he knew and now I am a woman who has known and felt things a man like him will never understand. I am more than the scientist he knew and now I want to prove to him that he is all man for me but can be much more. In my world he is the type that makes me burn and crave for more. He was never king to me but now my life has changed as well and must make sure that he is taken care of at all costs. As a native of Loa Mali I have to serve my king no matter how much he might not like me at the moment or understand my needs. Can I be the queen Loa Mali needs and be the woman my kin needs to love him for who he really is in the inside?

One thing I love about Lexi Blake is though she creates novellas they are by far not your usual short novellas but filled with sex, passion and learning about yourself. We have a young man destined to be something he never imagined being a King. All his life he was taught to be just the spare but fate has a way of intervening and open our eyes. Then we have a young girl who never thought of herself beautiful until one man makes her see the world differently. Lexi Blake created such a unique story that made me want more of this sexy king and the queen to fight him in every way. Two people who in so many ways have a lot in common but are afraid to take the leap. This is more than being Arranged for it is has a love no one expected and really seeing who you are meant to be in life making your own destiny. Loved it.

Crazy for You by Rachel Lacey

Crazy for You by Rachel Lacey

337 pages
Ebook and Print


I am tired of being nice and good. All I want is a time where I can let loose and have a man to make wild passionate love to me. It`s not too much to ask right? All my friends say just to get the next guy that walks in the bar and kiss them. The problem is I just don`t want any guy I want Ryan Blake. For years he has been in my dreams, fantasies and on my mind. There is just something about him that says bad boy to me and the one to make me well satisfied all night. I am what you call the girl next door and this is making me wonder if this is why Ryan keeps pushing away from me. I thought I wanted just a time of being naughty but Ryan is making me want more than I ever thought was possible. Everybody says I am crazy to think Ryan will be a man you can see commitment but I know in my heart he will always be the one for me. Can I make him see and everybody how right we really are together? My name is Emma Rush and I am ready to be naughty day and night with a man like Ryan?

I swore to Emma Rush`s brother that I will always watch and protect her from any guy that will hurt her. Thing is I never expected it will be me that might hurt her. For years I watched her be an annoying little sister to a beautiful, sexy woman that has invaded my dreams at night. I know it is wrong in so many ways but Emma Rush is the one for me. Her idea of wanting to be wild and naughty is unlike the Emma I know which just confuses the heck out of me. I love who she is and this adventure she wants to take is just making me antsy with more want of her. I swore to not be the guy to hurt her but fate has something in store for us. Everybody knows I am a bad boy and if you want to get dirty for a night of hot sex and passion I am the man you come to and Emma is one that will have tons of passionate nights. Can I be the one tamed by the beautiful nice girl?

Ooh Rachel Lacey you made me excited about Ryan Blake and his part in this book. I loved that you have such a bad, wild and oh so wicked man like Ryan to make even the good girls really want to be bad. The thing I loved the most about Emma is that no matter how bad Ryan thinks he is she brings out the goodness in him. Together these two are wicked, delicious and the sexiness between them are sizzling. Rachel Lacey just rocked in this book and cannot wait for the next one in the series and more about these adventures the men go through. Loved it.

Emergency Attraction (Love Emergency) by Samanthe Beck

Emergency Attraction (Love Emergency) by Samanthe Beck
240 pages
4 moons

They called him White Trash, bastard, asshole but to me he was my friend, my love and the man that got away. For years Shane Maguire was always on my mind and still in my heart. Instead of staying with me he left for the Marines taking my heart with him. Seeing him again after all these years makes me want to slap him but also kiss him once again. I swore when he left I will never welcome him back. The girl inside me wants answers but the woman I have become has protected her heart real good. Shane Maguire is the only one who can make me go crazy and then the next filled with passion. Back then he was a troublemaker and people thought wouldn’t amount to anything. I saw him differently and the one summer we had together was all I dreamed of but wanted more. Now that he is back he is making me see a different side of him and I want more of him. Can I risk my heart again to a man like Shane Maguire?

I was a fool to let her go and a bigger fool to think Sinclair Smith will easily take me back. Years ago we had a time together where she was my light through my dysfunctional family. I was from the wrong side of the tracks and Sinclair was good, beautiful and opposite of my life. Being with her made me think anything was possible including a better life for me. Leaving for the Marines was the best thing but I never knew how I would hurt Sinclair. I swore when I left I would never come back to this town but Sinclair was the only reason I came back. Like a stalker I kept tabs on her but being near her everyday was just part of my plan. I need her forgiveness but I want more of her as well. Can I get the Sinclair I knew who loved me with wild abandonment back? Can I prove to the town I have changed and wanting more than just a job in this town?

Okay have to say though it is a series this can be read alone and you see a little about the previous characters Samanthe Beck did a good job in just telling us about Shane. Here is a guy who led a hard life but never felt real love until he meets Sinclair. Here is a girl who makes him want to dream about the impossible but is scared as well. Then we have Sinclair who has never forgotten about Shane no matter how hard she tries. The love they have has grown from friendship but heartache has made Sinclair guard her heart to the point where she is afraid to let Shane back in again. Samanthe Beck shows us that no matter how guarded our hearts are we can never forget our first loves. This is the second in the Emergency series and cannot wait for Book 3 to come out and see what else is in store.